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Photos by Caren Nederlander
Poems by Ed Mishkin

The Christmas tree is thought by some to have originated in the 16th century in northern Germany where fir trees, freshly cut from the forest, were brought into the home and hung with religious symbols in celebration of the birth of Christ. Others believe the custom of decorating a tree at this time of year has more ancient, even pagan, roots. Whatever their origin, Christmas trees are now the familiar symbol of the Holiday season everywhere and can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of religious affiliation.

This is a collection of photographs of Christmas trees and similar displays that I have come across that especially impressed me for their artistry and inventiveness. It is my hope that those who receive this album will enjoy viewing its photographs at least as much as I enjoyed taking them.

Happy Holidays!

Caren Nederlander talks about her photography and the Romantic Rooms book project with Jenny Mayer on Plum TV. Watch the video here!